Институциональный альтруизм в профессиональной практике: социологический анализ профессий Роберта К. Мертона

Ru b t s o v a M. V., M a r t y a n o v a N. A. Institutional altruism in professional practice: the
sociological analysis of professions of Robert K. Merton // Vestnik St. Petersburg University. Ser. 12.
2012. Issue 1. P. 152–158.
Th e article is devoted to one of the most interesting and up-to-date problems in sociology of
professions. Its main concern is a phenomenon of institutional altruism in professional practice. Based
on the example of Robert Merton’s sociological analysis of professional behavior it reveals the structural
sources of altruistic behavior of professionals.
Keywords: altruism, sociology of professions.